Fans of Stephen King’s classic horror novel “Carrie” are in for a treat with the new movie adaptation of the beloved book. Directed by Kimberly Peirce, the film stars Chloë Grace Moretz as the lead in the title role of Carrie White, with notable talents Julianne Moore, Judy Greer, and Ansel Elgort also starring.

Moretz stars as the titular character in this updated version of the iconic horror classic. She brings to life Carrie White, a young girl ashamed and tormented by her peers for being different who discovers powers beyond her wildest imagination. It’s sure to be a unique take on the classic character fans know and love.

Moore will play the role of Margaret White, Carrie’s mother whose extreme religious views and singular mission to protect her daughter from supernatural forces affects Carrie in deep ways. Moore is well known for hauntingly dark roles like this one, in celebrated works such as The Hours, The Kids Are All Right, and Still Alice.

Greer stars as Sue Snell, one of Carrie’s only friends who ultimately helps her aunt make up for past transgressions. Greer has been known to bring an air of wit to darker characters with performances seen in 13 Going on 30, The Village, and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom.

Elgort rounds out the main cast list as Tommy Ross, one of the baseball players who takes Carrie to prom despite peer pressure and ridicule. Elgort has had roles opposite some of Hollywood’s hottest stars in movies such as The Fault In Our Stars and Billionaire Boys Club.

Carrie is sure to be an exciting adaptation enhanced by performances from some of today’s best talent that fans won’t want to miss!

Carrie, the remake of the classic horror movie from 1976, is set to hit theaters in October and audiences can’t wait to see what new twists the film has in store. The cast is set to star some rigorous up-and-coming stars as well as some more established actors.

Leading the main cast will be Chloë Grace Moretz, who plays a withdrawn and shy high school student. Everyone remembers her breakout role as Hit Girl in 2010’s Kick Ass and since then she’s been praised for her roles in films such as the American remake of Let Me In and Hugo. Moretz brings both the tender emotions and silent frustrations of her character, Carrie White, to the remake.

Julianne Moore plays Margaret White, Carrie’s overprotective religious mother, who will stop at nothing to ensure that her daughter wears only modest clothing and stays away from typical teenage activities. Being no stranger to roles that reflect religious repression, Moore has already shown her commitment to strong female empowerment characters in films like What Maisie Knew and Safe Haven.

Portia Doubleday plays Chris Hargensen, Carrie’s cruel classmate who instigates a cruel prank on the girl during prom night and thus starts off an unimaginable horror spree. Already an established young actress, Doubleday has acted such critically acclaimed films as Youth in Revolt and Big Momma`s House 2.

Gabriella Wilde takes on the role of Sue Snell, another one of Carrie’s classmates. A sheltered child, Sue is desperate to fit in with social norms but when she resurfaces in Carrie’s life later on in the film it becomes clear that having bullied Carrie once upon a time had effects neither of them expected. Wilde takes on this role after appearing in a number of thrillers like The Three Musketeers and Pimp.

Finally, Ansel Elgort appears as Tommy Ross, Sue Snell’s boyfriend who goes along with Sue’s plan to make amends for their past misdeeds with Carrie. Elgort is best known for his prominent role in popular teen-action movie Divergent as Caleb Prior and appears alongside Shailene Woodley. He also appeared in last year`s Fault in Our Stars adaptation – surely a young actor to keep an eye out for!

The combination of these actors promises an exciting spin to this horror classic; audiences everywhere should look forward for October when Carrie is set to scream its way into theaters!